Outsourced Financial Management

The making of a dream

I remember the exact moment, as a young man, that I decided to become a Chartered Accountant.  Being naïve, and with too many options, I took my time applying to university.  It was during this time in my life when a door opened for me, one which forced me to walk through and take the first step towards my future.

One very unassuming day, I was sitting down with a slightly older man, who was completing his studies as a Chartered Accountant, this gentleman took the time to explain what a CA does, and how I could become one.  Within a few minutes I knew I was sold.  However, when the third person in our party spoke up with a very simple, yet true statement – “Every businessman needs someone to do his books” I knew my decision was being validated.

In modern times

This was some time ago, and today I find myself not only qualified as a CA, but also Managing Director of two successful companies, and that old adage still rings true.  Nonetheless, I am, amazed to note that through the years, a trend has crept in where businesses and other entities underestimate the importance of keeping proper financial records, remaining compliant in an increasingly complex business environment and ensuring that they obtain appropriate financial advice.


Many say that they cannot afford a Financial Manager. I say that they cannot afford not to have one.  To this note businesses and other entities are seemingly unaware that a Financial Manager does not have to be a full time employee.

At Leaders Business Solutions we offer an Outsourced Financial Management service that can be tailored to your needs and resources, and can be constantly adapted to ensure that it remains dynamic as your business grows.

Contact me at simon@leagroup.co.za to arrange a complimentary confidential discussion regarding your Financial Management needs.

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