Financial management and the yes man

Financial management and the yes man

Yes man, we need discipline

On the matter of the man who became Finance Minister for a day, the talk on the street is that he is a “yes” man. Every political commentator who writes on this subject, supports the opinion that the last thing this country needs at this point in time, is a yes man. Growth is down, unemployment is up, government spending is out of control, and corruption is widespread. What this country needs is financial discipline, and you will not get that with a “yes” man.

Financial management, you won’t always receive a yes

Similarly in business, in order for a company to thrive, the chief executive needs a financial executive who challenges him. He needs someone who is prepared to second guess him, someone who is prepared to point out the financial and tax implications of that creative idea, even if it means raining on the parade ground.

Every successful chief executive needs a strong financial manager on his team. I wrote before about how the successful industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, prided himself on the fact that he surrounded himself with clever people, and he listened to them.

Outsourced financial management, rescue can mean no

Whether you are hiring a full-time financial executive or utilising the option of outsourced financial management, do not fall into the trap of settling for the person who you think will not challenge you, someone who will only tell you what you want to hear.

Furthermore, do not underestimate the importance of the financial manager as a key player in your organisation. It is not a coincidence that most of those hired for business rescue purposes, or to implement a company turnaround, have a financial background.

Financial Management- Outsource it

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