Government needs Financial Management

Government needs Financial Management

Financial management, and our government

The axing of the South African Finance Minister has been widely met with disbelief. At no time, in recent history, has the country been more in need of competent financial management and financial discipline than now. Speculation is rife regarding the reasons for the replacement of a minister, who has served with two previous finance ministers, with someone who, by all accounts, is comparatively inexperienced and incompetent. Whatever the reasons were for this ill-judged decision, the consequences will undoubtedly be dire for the economy, and for the country and its people. white space

It can wait

Similarly, in business, there are many reasons why business owners neglect the issue of having competent financial management. Some reasons revolve around avoidance of compliance costs, while others pertain to the perceived cost of a financial manager. The cost of financial management is often seen as a grudge expense. This is now white space

Financial Management, is it that important?

Like our real-life example above, if avoidance is the issue, it will catch up with us at some stage, and the consequences of avoidance will prove far more expensive than the cost of compliance itself. If the cost of having a full-time financial manager is deemed prohibitive, or excessive, there is the option of outsourced financial management, which gives the business-owner the option of retaining the expertise of a financial manager to the extent that it is required.

Financial Management- Outsource it

At Leaders Business Solutions we offer Outsourced Financial Management solutions, in addition, or along-side, back end office support services to alleviate your Financial Management and other management issues. this is white space now

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