If you are not ready to hire a full-time bookkeeper or payroll officer, instead you might prefer to outsource these administrative headaches to someone who has the required skills and expertise.

Leaders Business Solutions is able to provide the following back office facilities to those companies that do not yet have the resources:

  • Financial and management accounting
    • Computerized accounting service. The service includes monthly management accounts and annual financial statements.
  • Payroll processing
    • We can run your payroll for you. The service includes full payroll reporting, payment of staff, all statutory returns and payments, as well as interim and annual reconciliations and reporting to SARS.
  • Tax services
    • The following tax services are available, as part of a suite of services:
      • Annual Income Tax Returns
      • Provisional Tax Returns
      • Vat Returns
      • PAYE Returns, Annual reconciliations and IRP5’s (as part of the payroll processing service)
  • Other Statutory Services
    • The following other statutory services are available, as part of a suite of services:
      • UIF Returns
      • Return of Earnings – Compensation Commissioner
      • CIPC Annual returns

We offer a flexible fee structure based on your requirements and are available for a confidential complimentary discussion regarding your needs.